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Aug. 31
Aug. 30 
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Logs & Stories - August 2001

August 31
 (Email from Bill & Karryn via Maritime Mobile Radio Service)

"After a four day delay due to complications from moving out of our house and preparing the boat, we'd planned on leaving Shilshole first thing Wednesday morning, but were held up by fog. We occupied our time by continuing with the process of storing the seeming thousands of objects that had moved onto Seafire along with us. At noon we finally left the dock and  made a six hour against-the-current passage to Port Townsend, where we picked up a buoy at Point Wilson. After a somewhat sleepless night for all of us, we rose at 6am, and departed an hour later in pea-soup fog, grateful for the magical wonders of GPS and radar. We spent the next fourteen hours motoring in a variety of mostly pleasant conditions, and arrived at Neah Bay in enough light to make anchoring straightforward. Just minutes after cleaning up the deck and going below, it started raining. We're currently relaxing, eating chili and listening to John Coltrane. All in all, a pretty outstanding day: nothing scary, but enough adventure to be pretty interesting. As a crew, things are working well. I'm delighted by the high level of competence, the complementary skills each of us brings, and the extent that we are enjoying each other's company.

We're planning on spending tomorrow here at Neah Bay, finishing up offshore preparations and exploring the place."

August 30
 (relayed via email from Yvonne)

"Karryn called at about 9:30 p.m. to say that they had just arrived at Neah Bay after leaving Pt. Townsend at 7:15 a.m. It was a long day, and Karryn said they would probably get a late start tomorrow to get a little rest in the a.m."

August 29
 (from Karryn via cell phone)

"Underway from Shilshole Marina at 1247 p.m. Plan to stop in either Port Townsend or Squim tonight." Bill & Karryn the night before departure.
Bill & Karryn the night before departure.

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