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Dec. 2002 

  Dec. 26 

Logs & Stories - December 2002

December 26 - Christmas in La Paz

(Email via Maritime Mobile Radio Service)

Karryn writes.

Here it is already the 26th of December, less than a week away from the end of this year. Despite the fact that we had only two weeks between arriving in La Paz and the big day, Christmas was very enjoyable, and I really liked only having two weeks of it rather than the two months that is normal in the states. I would have liked a bit less worrying, as the north winds kept us on the boat two days and then Bill caught the flu, rendering him useless in the Christmas procurement process for anything but childcare until the last day.

But Christmas has come and gone, and now it's time to get ready for the haulout. Today's plan was to head out to the Astilleros boatyard to find out if there are any changes since we were there last May. However, another norther blew in, kicking up a 2-3' chop in the harbor, keeping most people on their boats. It's not that we can't get off the boat, but the process is difficult enough that we prefer to stay here unless we have to. The strong winds are forecast to stay strong until at least midday Saturday. Oh, well, cruising is living with the weather very closely.

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