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April 2003 
 April 14 

Logs & Stories -  April 2003

14 April, 2003 – Mazatlan

(Email from Karryn via Internet Cafe)

I can't believe we have been here since March 23rd. The first week, while Bill's niece Arlyn was visiting, just flew by. We were ferried around to various places by friends Russ and Jeanette on Shazam as well as Arlene, Billīs momīs cousinīs sister-in-law (sounds more complicated than it is). It was fun taking several days off to play, but I felt like every time we did so, there was some boat-related issue that got back at us afterwards.

Arlyn left after the first week, so we turned to the ever-present boat task list. We have quite the list of things to do before we can leave and a fixed deadline (hurricane season). We have been working steadily, but the axiom of everything taking longer is multiplied when in Mexico, particularly when in a new city that requires a bus ride to get anywhere. Several friends have been kind enough to drive us around, something which is always appreciated. Even better is if the friends speak Spanish, although I'm getting good enough that often I manage on my own.

At the moment, I'm waiting for the English-speaking member of a hotel-owning family to return. We managed to pick the worst possible time to need to be off the boat for a couple of days while we paint the cabinsides and cockpit with nasty chemicals: it's Easter week, the week where the whole country heads for the beaches to play. I knew I was in trouble when I saw a rate sheet for a local hotel, and there were two rates – one for this week and one for the rest of the year! Of course, our original schedule didn't work out (found a few things that needed fixing), so I had to change our plans. While I'm sure we understood each other's words yesterday, there was a definite cultural gap and I left not quite knowing what had been decided. Now I have the opportunity to bridge the gap and hopefully set up the reservations (I use that term loosely, by the way!) for what we want. Sometimes I wish I was worse at languages and better at sanding...

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The attached photo is of Kimberly and Cullum of Odyle, who were neighbors the last 4 weeks before we left La Paz (and Naomi and myself, of course). We took the photo moments before we pulled out and headed to Mazatlan.

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