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Mexico 2004 (Updated Dec. 30, 2004)

    San Carlos, Aqua Verde, Los Gatos, La Paz

    La Paz, Mazatlan 

Mexico 2003 (Updated Dec. 30, 2004)

   Southbound in Baja - A Road Trip


   Mazatlan to Baja, Punta San Telmo and Aqua Verde  

Puerto Escondido

San Carlos, Guaymas, Tucson

Mexico 2002

   2002 Photos

Departure from Seattle - 2001

Things were a little crazy and very busy and despite the Web Curators best intentions the digital camera didn't see much use over the last couple of days until late in the day/evening of August 29th when these two photos were taken. It just seemed like packing away food, lashing down stores, replacing spreader lights and a million other things were more important to the journey than photographs. As is often the case in hind site it would have been nice to have a few other shots. 

Bill and Karryn the night before departure Robert Lester
Bill and Karryn the night before departure Robert Lester who is crewing on the trip down the coast to San Diego.

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