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Photos - Mazatlan

April & May 2003

Shortly after arriving in La Paz after the San Diego trip with "Seawitch Jim", we departed for Mazatlan. Our plan at that point was to do the final preparations necessary to depart for the south Pacific, but we knew we were a little short of time. We'd returned from the northern Sea of Cortez a month later than would have been ideal and hauling Seafire out of the water in La Paz for repairs and maintenance had take far longer than we'd expected. We spent three months in Mazatlan, the first two focused on preparations and maintenance. We were ready to go in mid-May, too late for a reasonable south Pacific departure, so we decided on a return to the Sea of Cortez.

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At the Mazatlan airport with Russ and Carlito from Shazam. My mother, Yvonne, with Jackson and Naomi. Naomi with friends Marina and Ellie from Shea La Vie.
Ron, Jane and Marina Shea of Shea La Vie with friend Ellie. Naomi with Kassandra and Korrina of Gypsy. Isla Marina Mazatlan *

*  Isla Marina Mazatlan (usually referred to as ‘the Isla') was our home for the three months in Mazatlan. The Isla is part of a real estate development that fell through perhaps ten years ago, leaving two relatively inexpensive marinas (the Isla and Marina Mazatlan, each about half the price of moorage in La Paz). The development had been done in and around an estuary, and in the process the developers had created an island and a number of canals. The marina we stayed at was located on the island, a mostly undeveloped circular piece of land with a few structures scattered around, inhabited by a delightful mix of US expatriates and Mexicans. We had a wonderful time there. As I write this, we're back for our second visit, still having a wonderful time.

Karryn Laundry day at our slip at the Isla. This transom stared at me most of the time I was in Mazatlan.
The offices at Isla Marina.   The bridge connecting the Isla to the mainland.

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