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Photos - La Paz, Mazatlan

February 2004

We arrived in Mazatlan on the 10th of February. We'd run into a number of families recently, did some math and concluded that there might be perhaps as many as 20 children cruising the Sea of Cortez during the summer. After two years of being around few other Gringo cruiser families, we decided to revise our plans once again and stay in Mexico another year.

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Family portrait the day before Yvonne's return to the U.S. Oh, geez, he's got the camera again! Best to ignore him and just get out of the dinghy quickly. La Paz. Notice that the boats point different ways, due to opposing wind and current.
-- Kelly, Patrick and Olivia of Sunflower. On passage to Mazatlan, with Isla Cerralvo in the background. Back at the Isla.
Keith and Kelly of Gypsy, parents of the girls with the princess dresses (from May of 2003). Nicole, our 18-year-old niece, while visiting in Mazatlan. Visiting Ross and Joy of Spirit of Joy while they were berthed at El Cid (nice pools!). We first met Ross and Joy at Turtle Bay in February of 2002, on our way down the outside of the Baja peninsula. They have grandkids the same age as Jackson and Naomi, and we were saddened to find out that they are planning on going south and then through the Panama Canal.
Joy of Spirit of Joy. Ross of Spirit of Joy. Touring the Old Town section of Mazatlan with Jim, Rebecca, Maria and Christopher of Mariposa.

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