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Current Position Report

August 6, 2006

Last "official" update received:

Received from Seafire June 11, 2006 (see Web Guy's note below)

We are currently moored in Ke'ehi Lagoon, immediately east of the Honolulu Airport. Yes, this means occasionally an airplane takes off overhead, briefly making conversation impossible. Fortunately, it's less noisy than one might imagine, as we are east of the north runway and the planes turn immediately to the south as they take off, making it so most of them aren't directly overhead.

We left Hilo on May 13th. In the intervening four weeks, we spent ten days anchored off a beach on Maui, five days tied to a mooring off Lahaina, four days anchored at Kaunakakai on Molokai and the past five days here in Ke'ehi Lagoon. (The other days we were traveling.) Bill's niece Nicole spent 12 days with us and returned to the mainland the day after we arrived here in Honolulu. We played more than usual during the three weeks of moving around, but, once we arrived in Honolulu, we had to start working to get the boat ready for the next passage across the Pacific.

Getting caught up on web entries is on The List (along with four pages of other tasks!); we want to write everything down while it's still fresh in our minds. So eventually we'll have more material to post... but right now I have to replace all the seals on the backup watermaker (the primary one is off at the Katadyn factory), build side panels for our soft bimini, receive all the equipment we sent off from Hilo for then reinstall and test everything, &c. The List has enough to keep me out of trouble for a long time!

Current position based on recent communication received:

As of August 5th Seafire had been underway on the voyage from Hawaii back to the northwest for 11 days. All is well. Exact place for making landfall is still to be determined.

YOTREPS Tracking Update:

If you are tracking Seafire via YOTREPS please note their ID is now  "wca3228b".

Here's a link to the position plotting page for them:



Web Guys Update:

The sometimes sporadic updates received from Seafire have been further delayed by the Web Guy (that would be me) being out cruising himself. The Searunner 37, "Bacchanal" is now back on the fringes of civilization inside Vancouver Island after returning from single-handing to SE Alaska. I'm currently in Port McNeil, B.C. and have occasional access to reliable Internet access once again - something that was only a dream in the wilderness of northern B.C. I'll be cruising in this area for the next few weeks and will be able to post any updates or news received in a reasonable time frame.

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